UQ Hockey Field

Sir William MacGregor Drive
St Lucia
To gain entry to the field, Drive down Sir Fred Schonell Drive fom Toowong,
As you enter the University Grounds, take the first left at the first roundabout for Sir William MacGregor Drive.
Continue following the drive along the river front till you reach the entry to Car Park 10.
Enter the car park and immediately turn to the left and head towards the far end.
The hockey field is above this end of the car park.  A set of stairs of opposite the river side of the park will take you up to the fields for entry and viewing.
Note: The field is just past the pool, if you reach the Eleanor Schonell Bridge (Bus and pedestrian bridge across the river) you have gone to far. 
I have included two maps, a UQ image and teh Wehereis map
From the UQ web page: https://www.pf.uq.edu.au/parking/changes/index.html
Parking at the new synthetic fields carpark (P10) will now cost no more than $7 a day. The decision to cap the price follows a review of parking prices to ensure UQ was getting optimal use from its facilities. The option to park short-term will still be available at the current hourly rate of $2.50, however if you do stay longer the most you’ll pay is $7.
And from the page https://www.pf.uq.edu.au/parking/fees.html
Note Parking is to be paid between 7:am and 9:00pm

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