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2019 Festival of Hockey Sign On Day


Sign on day for the Junior Boys at Redcliffe Leagues Hockey Club is

Sunday the 10th of February 2018 from 2pm - 5pm.

Sign on can be done online through our website or down at the club on Sunday.

See you in 2019.

Junior Boys Coaches and Training

Grade Coach Training Surface Day Time

J3 Joshua Blakey Training on Turf Thursday's 5:15pm
U13 Daniel Pritchard Training on Turf Thursday's 5:15pm
U11 Matt Petzer Training on Grass Thursday's 5:15pm

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Junior Boys

The Junior Boys play on Artificial Turfs around Brisbane and the Grass fields at Shaw, Finsbury and Dorrington.
In 2019, we will be fielding teams in BHL U11, U13 and J3.
(Note for boys wishing to play U7 or U9, please contact the Junior Girl's Chair)

For more information, please contact the Junior Boy's Chair, Darren Kelso-Smith

Mobile: 0477 111 511


February Committee Meeting
JT Trial Match against Arana-Ascot
U13T Trial Match against Arana-Ascot
Junior Girls Turf grading begins
Junior Girls 2nd week of grading for 10 and 6 team competition.
week 1 of fixtures for 8 team competition
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